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A Renowned Name In Hip Hop Lil Wayne Net Worth

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Lil Wayne aka Dwayne Michael Carter Jr is one of the famous rappers and singers in America. He was only 11 years old when Birdman discovered him. It was just the beginning of Carter’s journey in the Music industry. Since then, Carter never looked back and continued to work as a singer, rapper, and actor.

Carter achieved success in the rapping game at a very young age and succeeded to win the title of the richest rappers in the world. In today’s article, let’s know a little more about him and how Lil Wayne Net Worth grew.

The early life of the famous rapper Lil Wayne:

It was September 1982 when Lil Wayne took birth in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. He was the son of a 19 years old girl, and his father abandoned him when he was only two years old. Carter is also known as Weezy, Tunechi, and Weezy F.

Carter had a son-father relationship with Birdman (the man who discovered him). Carter has also talked about his step-father Rabbit, whom he considers his real father. But unfortunately, his step-father died before seeing him becoming a successful name in the Music Industry.

Why does he not call himself Dwayne?

As people already know that his father is alive and is not in his life, so Carter chose Wayne instead of Dwayne. He once said that his father is living and is not in his life, so he dropped D. He said he did not want to be Dwayne. Upon asking about if his father knows he replied with a smile, “He knows now.”

How did he grow his net worth?

People always remain curious about how much a singer, actor, and sportsman earn in his life. Well, it is pretty obvious that they earn a lot, but it is also a fact that they work hard to reach the top. Lil Wayne is also one of the rappers who started working at a very young age and succeed to grow his network. Lil Wayne did not accumulate wealth overnight. He sold his 100 million records. He also collaborated with many other artists as well. He has a stake in “Young Money Entertainment.”  He has his own clothing line and YouTube channel too.  Carter has also earned from endorsements. Take a quick look at his net worth:

Year Net worth





$23 million

$15 million

$14 million

$16 million

$19 million



Marriage and children:

Lil Wayne married to Toya Johnson who is an American businesswoman, rapper, and author and television personality in 2004. They got divorced in 2006. Lil Wayne has a daughter with Toya. He was only 16 when he had his first child. Lil Wayne dated many women, including Lauren London, Sarah Vivan, Nivea, and Trina. He has four kids.

Bottom line:

Lil Wayne is a famous name in the rapping industry, and he has won many awards as well.  Lil Wayne Net Worth shows that he has done pretty well in the industry.