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Islamic Clothes |What’s the Significance of the Islamic arabian style dresses? Is there actually such meaning in Islam (Islamic Clothes)? Is the Dark Abaya from the schooling an regulation? Can Girls use embroidered Abaya or the coloured Dress? , That All what we’d reply in that Topic.

Islam has honored Women with respect; later women in pre-Islamic Islam were treated as subjects as well as deprived of the most basic rights, Islam came with its fair and tolerant law to give women their full rights and to allow them to participate actively in the operation of several jobs in society. Emotional characteristics, social status, and particular circumstances, and keep the image of women in society pure picture


Islamic Clothes |What’s the meaning of the Islamic Clothes ? Is there really such significance in Islam (Islamic Clothes)? Is the Black Abaya in the schooling an regulation? Can Women use the Dress or embroidered Abaya? Answer in that Topic.

Islamic dress in Islam’s principles include the following:

arabian style dresses

-The dress that a woman wears ought to be wide and loose, Meaning that it is not a line that describes a woman’s entire body.

-The dress needs to be a cover That doesn’t enable the eyes to find out what is behind it as a garment.

-It Isn’t permissible to wear Knees but it ought to be comprehensive for the woman’s body, except on the view of the majority of scholars. Others should pay for hands and the face. -Is the apparel worn by a Muslim girl not a dress of fame, meaning that the dress of celebrity therefore and know, and that does not mean that the lady behind him to be famous in the area may be seen by the eyes because of this.

-Isn’t the dress adornment in itself Include forms that draw him attention, or stone, or anything additional to its ornaments.

-Not to wear women’clothes is similar to men dress.

-It should not be like the infidel’s body.

The relationship between Abaya and the religious and Its preservation of the purpose and concept for which it had been discovered, which is that the decency. It results in giving an notion of ​​Muslim girls in their form.

And show no opposition to the diversity of the layout of Abay or some other robe that is relevant to the states of the dress of Muslim girls, unless he redeems and clarifies the charms of their human body, even if it entered some colours and trim

Islamic Clothes

Islamic clothing from egyptabaya

Mings isn’t exaggerated. Designers Attempt to select the Designs of the full-length abayas, together with the loose layout of this under-shoulder area, noting that the choice diminish or of abaya doesn’t diminish the elegance of the female. The way to choose the proper design and designer, that unites the dress and the coat and show the feminine in elegance, even if the design is simple, bearing in mind its own suitability to the event and the place where it is worn. Abayas can be categorized as married women and older, unlike women’ abayas. This difference can be found in the colours and colours and the particular types of fabrics. Old, nor give her more than her real age.

When buying abaya is her the first thing the woman likes Design, tailoring and the quality of her cloth. The most important issue how comfy and practical it is, not impressed with the admiration of the others and the interest of others, attracts them and as far as she enjoys them.

Additionally the appearing in a way that is modern Doesn’t mean never Abandoning the religious principles in the dress of conservative women Left in our trend in all its forms, even if it doesn’t Suit us occasionally, and the taxes we pay without knowing the Abandonment of exemptions Our true faith and our legislation.

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