Assembly with Low Maintenance

As radon mitigation system consists of the pipes, bends, elbows and fan. The material used for the construction of the assembly is PVC, the tough material which can withstand harsh weather conditions and wear and tear. The process is started with digging hole in the ground with the help of drill bits and mechanical devices. After drilling hole in the basement, the next step is to full the any kind of the crack or the hole within the ground so that there is no other way to for the removal of the radon gas except assembly. If there is muddy ground then the place is covered with the plastic sheet to provide the only one way to gas. After that the next step is the installation of the starting pipe from the hole to upward. The pipe and hole are joined with glue type material firmly. Then the piping assembly moved upward. the indoor assembly consists of the pipes, bends and elbows along the surface. As the assembly is moved outdoor, next step is the installation of the fan. The purpose of the fan is to forcefully remove the gas from ground to upward. After the fan installation the outer duct in placed with pipes. As the pipe itself is a rigid material but the fan is an electronic device and though it is properly sealed and secured. But Lifetime Radon Mitigation offers you the radon fan cover to overcome the weather difficulties. This cover works as a shelter for the fan and it completely covers the fan assembly. The cover provides the best solution to weather conditions. This cover has the extra flange for the screws so that it become easy to install and tighten up the cover. There is a painted metallic body (Back Plate) which is to be attached with the wall to provide a smooth pathway for the fan. This metallic body also helps to hold up the fan firmly to wall and the risks of fan damages are reduced. The cover body of the fan is made with the best PVC available in the market. The cover itself is Ultraviolet Radiations protected and paintable which enhances the life of the cover and thus the overall life span of the whole radon mitigation system is improved. The outer vent does not require any kind of cover. This is because that is dust debris or any other material fall inside the pipe from inside, the fan has capacity to suck them to outside with thrush. We are using qualified and attested products to provide relief to our customers. This radon mitigation system is one-time investment and thus we take this very seriously so that our clients are not disturbed again and again with poor quality of the materials. So, our way of working, material of constructions we used are long lasting and we guarantee this. Lifetime Radon Mitigation is loyal to its customers and we provide the best available in the market. We are working according to the rules and regulations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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