Best toenail fungus treatment: Take Your Pick

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The fungus treatment for toe nails is challenging because the problem is embedded within the toe nail which is hard to reach. The toenail receives little blood supply and expands slowly. Therefore, medications and topical applications used in the therapy for toenail infection will reach the contaminated site in little variety that may not be sufficient to cure the contamination. Hence, the problem responds gradually to the therapy and may take a year or maybe more for complete removal of the symptoms. Best toenail fungus treatment includes various treatment plans such as medicinal treatment, laser treatment, and surgical toenail fungus treatment

Pharmacological Treatment-

This line of treatment includes oral and topical ointment anti-fungal medications. Newer dental anti-fungal drugs such as Itraconazole, Terbinafine have totally changed the treatment for toe nail fungus. As a standard line of treatment for toenail fungus, oral anti-fungal drugs are administered for 3 months. Terbinafine is administered daily for 3-4 months whereas Itraconazole is often approved in pulse dosages. Pulse doses means it is administered one week in a month for 3 months.

These anti-fungal drugs produce fewer part effects with few contraindications such as congestive heart failure and liver diseases. Itraconazole should be disregarded along with certain drugs because it interacts with few antibiotics such as Erythromycin and certain bronchial asthma drugs. About 50% to 75% of the instances respond perfectly to the oral anti-fungal remedy and in 20 to 25% of the cases toe nail fungus can recur.

Common Best toenail fungus treatment put together with topical ointment and surgical treatments can reduce the duration and side effects of the oral therapy. In shallow toenail fungal infections, topical ointment anti-fungal agents are recommended which include amorolfine, olamine and ciclopirox. These relevant agents are available in the proper execution of nail chemicals that can be applied to the damaged nail.

Laser Treatment-

A noveon type lazer is employed in the treatment for toenail fungus. This kind of laser is also used for some types of cataract surgery.

Surgical Treatment-

In surgical treatment, toenail fungus is removed operatively or chemically. In substance removal, about 40-50% urea compound can be used to remove infected nail. It is a painless procedure which is useful in patients with very thick toe nail. Surgery of the afflicted toenail plate alone is not effective. Additional dental anti-fungal medications can be helpful. Combining oral and topical anti-fungal therapies with surgery increases the success of the surgical toenail fungus treatment


Prevention of toe nail fungus is very important because the recurrence of toenail fungal infections is common. Do not wear wet socks, keep the nails dry, and do not wear tight shoes. Cut the toenail regularly to keep it brief and while cutting the toenail do not dig into the corners. Athlete’s foot should be cared for otherwise it may cause toenail fungus.

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