Best Trash Hauling Company near Me

Trash hauling companyI had been searching for the best Trash hauling company near me until I found the junk genius in handling all kinds of junk. Today my problem of segregation and disposal of trash from my home has been solved forever. Having a large family, my house spreads over 2,000 square feet with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, retreat, kitchen, guest room, playroom and a big outdoor garden. The volume of trash generated every week had become unmanageable. My brother once suggested we store all such trash in the backyard garage which we no longer used. So, we started dumping the trash in there. Soon the garage started overflowing and we had no way of taking them out and disposing safely. We simply couldn’t afford to dump them into the waste disposal truck that came every day. Finally we came across a Trash hauling company with capacity to handle huge volumes. They also had a great mechanism of eco friendly recycling and disposal.

Eco Friendly Practices of Trash Hauling Company

The Trash hauling company which my friend suggested has the best practices for handling different types of junk. They have a separate section for handling of hazardous materials like batteries, liquids, medicines, old paint containers, used tubes and bulbs etc.

The removers from the Trash hauling company are capable of segregating the hazardous junk from the rest by using eco friendly methods. They use leak proof containers for carrying the trash and disposing at recycling plants. Batteries are said to be recycled by breaking them into constituent elements. Lead and other metallic parts are separated from the others. The Trash hauling company sends plastic parts for breaking into fine granules. They are sent to battery manufacturing facilities for molding the external containers. They can also recycle elements like, lead, acids, lithium, cadmium and others into reusable forms of products. They take care not to let any of these elements escape into the external environment during all these processes. This ensures maximum environment protection. Similar treatments for medicines, paints and other liquids are handled by the company.

Debris Recycling from Trash Hauling Company

Trash hauling company

The process of debris breakdown, segregation and recycling from the Trash hauling company is efficient and practically eco friendly in nature.

  • They have multiple types of dumpsters, trucks and vans for collecting the debris. They recycle most of the heavy trash like concrete, shingles, carpets, flooring materials, window and door parts and metals. They are capable of converting them back into construction materials. They dump the fraction of non polluting materials for landfills.
  • The Trash hauling company can handle all types of wooden trash like cabinets, wardrobes, counter tops, wooden floor etc. The infrastructural facilities and equipment can easily convert the wooden pieces into making of garden seats, tables, side fencing and other useful parts. They also make use of crushed wood pulp for making paper, kitchenware and other utilities used in households. The adaptation of eco friendly techniques makes the services of Trash hauling company highly useful and economical for households like mine.