Praiseworthy Achievements of Tran Siu in the Sunshine Community

Being an inseparable part of Sunshine community since his teens, Tran Siu has consistently contributed for the common benefits of all the members as a whole. In his heart he sees no differentiations based on gender, social of financial status, physical or mental ability. The principles and practices adopted by Tran Siu have been originated from the cultural heritage of his parents. Hence he is a natural achiever and a born leader who can motivate the most lethargic persons when he comes across them. These characteristics have been observed in him since he started interacting with the neglected youngsters in the Sunshine communities. Almost all of them had the potentials of becoming sports persons, artists, musicians and successful entrepreneurs. It was only because of their disinterest in the long procedure of academics that made them become lethargic in all the other aspects also.

Tran Siu and his Venture with the Youth

Most of the minority community youngsters go astray in their path due to lack of proper guidance at the right age. According to Tran Siu, it is the time between teenage and the youth they can be successfully molded into perfect personalities. This is also the time when they can lose their way and turn into antisocial activities. Bullying was one of the most commonly observed phenomenon among the Asian and Native Australian communities during the times when Tran Siu was in his teens.

  • Being a teen himself, Tran Siu was able to establish communications with his age group people who were about to fall of the mainstream of the community. Some of them had already branded as antisocial by their own families. But there was no way in which the changes could be brought about by isolating the youngsters from the main community.
  • This is when Tran Siu thought of adopting some of the most unique methods to bring them back into the mainstream. Of course he did no talks of morality or lectured them about their existing conditions. Rather he adopted a practical approach of giving them an alternate path for proving their abilities. He could identify the hidden talent for music, arts and sports as the leading elements among the youngsters.

Tran Siu

  • His humble beginnings soon got support from the community members in the Sunshine region. This movement soon attracted the attention of the other leading communities all over Brimbank. Tran Siu launched several campaigns through which he raised charity funds. With the help of these funding he was able to provide all the basic amenities and infrastructure for the youngsters to get training in their fields of interest. He might have faced some resistance to change in the initial stages. But soon the resistance became a revolutionary force in shaping the future of these youngsters.
  • Today Tran Siu is proud to announce the achievements as the leader of Brimbank city council. His persistence with the community services has made many successful musicians, artists and sports persons from the various communities in this region. The youngsters in Brimbank simply love to follow the guidelines of the ever young Tran Siu.