How to define the style of content on social networks for real estate

In Capital Smart City we are very aware of the risks of carrying the social networks for real estate of a small agency alone.

To avoid dislikes and headaches, we started a few weeks ago to highlight the main mistakes made by real estate agents in their social network profiles, in addition to highlighting the work of one of our followers.

Today we are going to focus on a very common and easily avoidable error, related to the frequency of the publications and the contents that are shared.

In the first months of the project on plot for sale in rawalpindi, we addressed the difference in business and personal branding, since the treatment that each of them receives from social networks in real estate is different.

Use of social networks for a real estate company: Local business or personal brand?

A local business requires a presence of at least one update per day on Facebook and 5 or 6 on Twitter. However, if you manage your own online presence, as a professional, you can allow yourself to be somewhat more intense in the use of social networks for real estate, such as Twitter, where the public fundamentally seeks to be informed. Unlike Facebook, which is revealed as a social network of real estate for leisure, where updating too often can be dangerous.

How to detail the style of content on social networks for real estate

It will sound like a great media, but our experts in online real estate marketing insist every day on the need to have an editorial line that marks the main topics that your business will develop in social networks for real estate.

The most important thing is to know your business and the audience you are going to. If you run a small local real estate, the interests of the people that form your target audience are radically different from those of a real estate with several locations in one of the main Spanish cities.

Answering these questions can help you:

    • What problem are we going to solve?
    • How are we going to solve it?
    • What do we believe in? . The classic “customer satisfaction” is not valid. Your brand must be as complex as if it were a real person, with its very visible virtues and a defined personality.
    • What are we talking about? . This is the time to prepare a list of specific contents for your brand. This is a mix as personal as a music playlist, no two are the same. We recommend that you study your competition very well to be able to differentiate yourself from them, through content that only you approach.
    • Who do we talk to? . To answer this question it is necessary to study your target (customer profile). The more thorough it is, the more effective you will be when you address them.
  • How we talk? . You must define the tone and style of what you communicate in social networks for real estate. For example, you should know in advance if the tone will be formal or informal, if you will treat your or your audience, etc.

Answering these questions will help you determine the style of the content, and quickly know if what you were thinking about sharing fits your business and your audience’s interests.

It is this sense, we want to highlight the great work done by the Sky Marketing Islamabad , whose Facebook profile you can not miss. Its frequency of publication is correct, in addition to having perfectly understood the balance between promotional content and third-party information. Congratulations for your great work in social networks!

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