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online marijuana card is issued by the online doctor services after the assessment of the information of the patients in fulfillment of his cannabis needs.  The online services are aimed at facilitating the clients to get an easy and timely assessment of their cannabis needs along with the suggestions and recommendations from the licensed medical practitioners. They issue the marijuana identity cards to their patients after going through all the medical and legal consequences. They are open to their clients about the working and operations of their services and working set up. These services are just giving all the facilities to the clients related the medical marijuana evaluations just at their door steps.

Quick recommendations and issuance of the medical card

Online Doctors is one of online medical marijuana assessment website which provides the services of assessment, issuance and renewal of the medical cards. The service providers will explain you about the working of their set up during the course of the card assessment and issuance with also give a preview of their services in comparison to other such plat forms working on the same domain. The most amazing and wonderful thing about this service is the quick recommendation and card issuance service. The service is so effective and quick that you may get you card within 20 minutes after signing up, paying the fee and providing all the required information.

How to create an account

The process starts with creation of an account on the website. You may start signing up by providing the information of the fact that for which state you need to avail the services of the medical marijuana assessment card.  But you need to note that the service is only available for the state of California and Nevada. After entering the information of your state, you will have to enter your name, e mail details, passwords and a phone number. As soon as enter you cell number and  email you will get a pin code which you are required to put on the screen in order to further the process to get online marijuana card.

How to select you package

As soon as you enter the pin and forward the process, the next step is about the selection of your package. You have to select the appropriate and affordable package as per you needs and demands. There are various packages available including different kind of the services. One of the services is “recommendation only” services which have the deal where you will only get the recommendations and suggestions. This package can be invoked only in 49 US dollars. The second package is “recommendation plus Identity card” package which includes both the recommendations and a card with your photograph. This is the card which is called marijuana card.This online marijuana card is not only issued but also renewed by these services.