4 best and amazing sailor tattoos designs idea

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The sailor tattoos are in fashion. The tattoo history tells the importance of sailors in the revival of tattoos. In the ancient period tattoos were used as a symbol of particular culture and status of tribes. The tattoos designing loss their importance as men started to come out of the traditional boundaries. After leaving the tribes they do not need to carry the symbols of tribe on their body which leads to less exercise of tattoo. Tattoo inking is a painful process which further stops people to have them.Popular tattoos  website in USA name is tattoos basket and you can visit here : – http://www.tattoosbasket.com/

The sailors play the major role in the revival of tattoos. This times tattoo come the symbol of sailors and travellers. The ships were the only available way to travel to other countries across the sea. The tattoos were then used for the symbol of journey. In this article we will discuss some popular classic sailor tattoos. We have popular ship tattoos, anchor tattoos, praying hand tattoos, heart tattoos, shaking hand tattoos, rose tattoos, compass tattoos, bird tattoos. Every tattoos have different meaning and symbol.

The ship tattoos is in the memory of long time they spend on ship. It is symbol of great journey. The anchor tattoos is symbol of loyalty and stability. The birds or sparrow tattoos are symbol of freedom and independence. The rose is symbol of desire and beauty of these journeys.

Praying hand tattoo is symbol of gratitude and protection. Compass tattoo present the important of correct direction device in the journey. The shaking hand tattoo is symbol of meeting new people and making friend during the long journey. The mermaid is the symbol of dreams and gossips related to sea journey.

Some of the other popular sailor tattoos include skull tattoo, rope tattoo, butterfly tattoo, dragon tattoo, lighthouse tattoo, eagle tattoo, dice tattoo and tiger tattoo. Skull tattoo is symbol of protection. Many sea sailors has skull on the ship flags. Rope is important symbol of strength and courage. Butterfly for sailors signifies the change that took place during their long journey.

Their children at home grow up when they return home after the long year journey. Dragons and snake are symbol of dangerous lies in the sea journey. Things are unpredictable during the long journeys. The eagle presents the demand of sharpness in these journeys. Dice is an old age game. This is important time pass game for sea sailors. The dragger in heart tattoo is also popularised by sailors.