Why sellers should treat hidden vices in second-hand homes

Save yourself headaches and do your best for everyone involved in the process of buying and selling real estate. Be a better real estate agent advising your clients.

You are closing the sale of a house for a customer, and they let you know about problems in the pipes that buyers do not know. Do you try to persuade your sellers to repair it before the deal closes? Or are you going to ignore it to close the sale as soon as possible?

The truth, if you want to be a better real estate agent you should advise your clients to communicate this to buyers, and all other possible hidden defects in the home. Here are some tips for real estate agents who are going through this problem.

What are hidden vices in a home?

The hidden defects in a home are those conditions of a newly purchased house that sellers do not indicate in the contract. These conditions can make the house uninhabitable or unusable in several ways for those who bought it.

It depends on the Civil Code of the state in which you live, there will be rules that will determine the responsibilities of the seller. In general, whenever the poor conditions of the house hinder its use, the seller must cover the claims of the person who denounces it.

Generally this refers to the return of a part of the money, the realization of the repairs or in serious cases, the buyer can demand that the contract be terminated.

Do you really want your customers to go through this?

Generally, if there are housing conditions that will prevent its use, your job is to make sure it is well inspected from the beginning. There are many things that your clients probably do not know and that you have experienced as a real estate agent. Make sure the service they pay for is shown in the results.

Regardless of that, the process of buying and selling the smart city property develops smoothly, it will make your clients recommend you as a good real estate agent. So they don’t have to go through a subsequent lawsuit, make sure your customers are clear about the consequences of not doing a thorough inspection.

If you have any bad experience with this, talk to them. Sometimes people don’t consider it so important until they can measure the consequences of someone else’s experience. They should know the expenses that this may entail in the long term and, above all, that investing in all the necessary repairs may be the least loss of money in the end.

Secure repairs

Finally, many repairs probably have to be done before closing the sale of the property. When this happens, be sure to recommend your clients with professionals to do the job. Confirm that you have all receipts for what you invested in repairs, and if necessary or possible, a guarantee that is transferred to buyers once the sale in here is closed.


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